Jan 31, 2010

Olympians tweet on TwitGrids

We have 54 olympians tweeting on our Olympic TwitGrid!

Jersey Shore tweets

Tweets on the Jersey Shore are now LIVE on TwitGrids. Scroll thru Jersey Shore tweets with our special Jersey Shore TwitGrid. We have also added The Situation, Snooki, and Pauly D. to our Reality TV Grid

Jan 17, 2010

Golden Globes Grid for tonight!

A new grid for tonight's Golden Globes is LIVE! http://www.twitgrids.com/trends/goldenglobes.html

Added 100 more NBA players

Our Grid for the NBA now has over 160 players (8 pages on the Grid)

Cycling Grid is live

We have added a Grid where you can follow professional cyclists who tweet on Twitter. http://www.twitgrids.com/sports/cycling.html

Jan 14, 2010

American Idol - special grid added

We've added a special grid for American Idol. Scroll thru the tweets about the show (using your mouse wheel or fade-in controls) on http://www.twitgrids.com

The Bachelor - special grid!

We have added a special grid for The Bachelor! Scroll thru Bachelor tweets on one page. http://www.twitgrids.com

Jan 3, 2010

Cricket Grid added!

Cricket fans will like our new Cricket Grid! Use your mouse scroll wheel to scroll through tweets of your favorite cricket players at http://www.twitgrids.com/sports/cricket.html We need more cricket players to join Twitter.

Protected users removed

Around 10-15 NFL players have protected their tweets, including Larry Johnson, TJ Duckett, London Fryar, and Antonio Cromartie. We have removed these players from our NFL grid (we have over 260 NFL players in our NFL grid!)

Jan 2, 2010

15 pages of NFL players! - 2,131 total

We've added many NFL players to the NFL Grid -- now serving up 15 pages of NFL players! We now have 2,131 tweeters on 70 grids, not counting trending topics!