Mar 25, 2010

More tweets from the Green

We have added more tweeters to our Green TwitGrid. Scroll thru tweets from tweeters such as @ecorazzi on one page, no login necessary!

Spam tweets on Twitter / TwitGrids

We have updated our spam algorithm to filter March Madness spam tweets and MLM spam tweets from our trending topics and event grids. Our home page, where you can scroll through all trending topic tweets without login, is now spam-free (if some sneaks by, we update our algorithm).

Mar 14, 2010

Chrome extension for TwitGrids

We have a new Chrome extension for TwitGrids!

Mar 7, 2010

Offbeat tweets

We have added an Offbeat TwitGrid which features some offbeat Twitter accounts such as "TXTS FROM LAST NIGHT", "FMyLife", and "shitmydadsays".

Karl Lagerfeld, more fashion designers added

Karl Lagerfeld and more fashion designers have been added to grids in our style section. Check out the Designers Grid and the Fashion Web grid

Oscars tweets on TwitGrids

We have a special Oscars TwitGrid up. Enjoy the show!