Aug 23, 2010

Local Twitter Trending Topics - Chrome Extension

We have a new Chrome extension for LOCAL trending topics on Twitter. The extension automatically updates to your location.

Download the Chrome extension today!

Aug 15, 2010

Bacehlor Pad on Twitter

Follow Bachelor Pad on Twitter with the Bachelor Pad TwitGrid

Tweets are spam filtered and the grid labels will be updated as contestants are thrown off the show.

Big Brother on Twitter

You can follow Big Brother on Twitter with our Big Brother TwitGrid

All tweets are spam filtered, and the grid will evolve as housemates are evicted from the Big Brother house.

Twitter Trending Topics iPhone App

Twitter Trending Topics are now available on the iPhone app!

The Top 10 local trending topics are automatically updated based on your location - no Twitter login is necessary.  You can also browse tweets on each of these trending topics.

The top 10 current, daily, and weekly are also available.   Trend descriptions, when available, describe why each trend is trending.

Aug 8, 2010

Jersey Shore on Twitter

Jersey Shore is back on TwitGrids! Snooki and The Situation have been the most tweeted cast members so far in Season 2. As always, our event grids filter spam so you don't have to.

Project Runway on Twitter

Project Runway on Twitter, with tweets spam filtered, is live on TwitGrids! Mondo, Jason, and Nicholas have generated the most tweets so far. The #ProjectRunway TwitGrid will evolve as the season progresses.